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Howard Dean for Secretary of Health & Human Services

Yesterday, Obama's initial choice for HHS, Tom Daschle, withdrew.

Howard Dean would be perfect for the job. As a doctor for 12 years before being a Governor for 12 years, he's one of the few people available with extensive experience in both medicine and politics. Health care policy was one of his top priorities in government, and one of the main reasons he chose to run for president, and the fact that all Democrats running for president have had to support universal health care coverage in the past two cycles is entirely his doing: He was the first to push the issue, and his success in 2003 got others to join the bandwagon.

Not only that, but he's actually done health care reform, successfully, at the state level. He may be the only available top tier Democrat who has done so, and his reform in Vermont has been enormously successful, stood the test of time, and gained broad bipartisan support. More importantly, it has made many people's lives better.

If you want Dean to get to work at the federal level, do this today:

Pass it on, and post something in your own LJ, on your Facebook profile, on other blogs, ...
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