Tony Tribby (2501) wrote in howard_dean,
Tony Tribby

Hey to my fellow Deaniacs

One of the things that I always loved about Howard Dean was that he was just so open and honest about who he was. Thus, the current attempt by the McCain campaign to completely manufacture a new reality about his VP Sarah Palin has been driving me crazy. More than that, I've also been deeply frustrated at the corporate media giving them such a pass on all their blatant lies.

So, I've started to put together this site:

Primarily it will be meant to document all the blatant lies being put out about Palin by the McCain campaign, but I also have sections that will discuss truth and lies about McCain and Obama. I want each article to be a decent summary of the facts in each case, with extensive links to as many sources as possible to back up the info.

I know I'd need help to get this fleshed out quickly, though--if anyone is interested, please let me know, because I could use some other people to help with gathering references and writing articles. I remember what drew me into the Dean community in the first place was the "we can do it" attitude everyone had, so I'm hoping I'll find a few people here...
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