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Arizona house minority leader, on clean elections

At DemocracyFest, I met some DFA people from Arizona and we talked about Arizona's clean elections law. One of them told me about Phil Lopes, the progressive Democratic house minority leader of Arizona, who was elected as a clean elections candidate and has run for re-election as a clean elections candidate ever since.

I spoke to Phil Lopes this weekend, and his story is now up as a guest blog post on

Lopes writes,
    "In 2002, clean elections made my [to run for office] decision much easier, because I knew what I had to do: talk to voters. That's much better than having to ask people for money. [...] That's one of the real attractions of it: Once I raised my 220 contributions in June, I never had to ask for money again. All I did from then on, was talk to voters about the issues - knowing that all my opponents had the same resources as I did."

    "... public perception is that those who give money get special attention. That perception will never change. With clean elections you don't have that. And because those lobbyists have not given you money, they have no expectation that they'll get extra attention; that gives me as a legislator an enormous sense of freedom."
He also talks about his passion for health care reform, about how public financing gets candidates to debate and the press to cover it, and about how the public financing system in Arizona works. Read the whole post and spread the link!

If you post on some other blog linking to this or quoting from it, I'd love to see your post. Comment here?

-- Cos, John Bonifaz's campaign blogger -- Why won't Bill Galvin debate?
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