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"Democrat outside looking in"

Hailed abroad, Dean not part of Obama's circle [Boston Globe]

    Harrogate, England - "I could have kissed you," Lynne Featherstone, a member of Britain's Parliament, told Howard Dean after a midday address to the Liberal Democrats' spring conference in which he explained how the Internet could be an effective tool to energize activists and enlist new supporters.

    "We do all look to you as the mother of all this and then to Barack Obama as the child who prospered from it," Featherstone said, introducing Dean to the party technology board she chairs.

    That embrace, which Dean greeted with an impish smirk and a flicker of eyebrows, was far warmer than anything the former Vermont governor has felt recently from his domestic allies. After November's landslide, Obama let Dean move on from his four-year chairmanship of the Democratic National Committee, and bitter rivalries with some in Obama's circle have kept the former practicing doctor out of the three top administration posts committed to changing the healthcare system.

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Who's here?

Poll #1373124 standwithdrdean

Who's still following? A straw poll...

I'm reading this community
I heard about Dean's announcement this week of a health reform campaign
I listened to Dean's Wednesday night call
I listened to it live
I listened to it live at a meetup, house party, or similar gathering
I've signed on at standwithdrdean.org

BTW, if you didn't hear about it, read the previous post.
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Howard Dean conference call 9pm eastern tonight, new health care campaign

Howard Dean To Announce Major New Campaign On Health Care Reform
    Looks like Howard Dean is well on his way to finding a post-DNC niche, and he won't be needing the Obama administration to find it for him.

    On a conference call with supporters later today, Dean will make a surprise announcement, unveiling a major new health care campaign that will gear up his political operation to pressure the White House and Congress to preserve a public insurance option as part of health care reform, I'm told.

The occasion for the announcement is DFA's 5th anniversary. Join the call yourself and listen, on DemocracyforAmerica.com (by web stream or phone call): http://democracyforamerica.com/pages/1968-dfa-birthday-party-live
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Howard Dean for Secretary of Health & Human Services

Yesterday, Obama's initial choice for HHS, Tom Daschle, withdrew.

Howard Dean would be perfect for the job. As a doctor for 12 years before being a Governor for 12 years, he's one of the few people available with extensive experience in both medicine and politics. Health care policy was one of his top priorities in government, and one of the main reasons he chose to run for president, and the fact that all Democrats running for president have had to support universal health care coverage in the past two cycles is entirely his doing: He was the first to push the issue, and his success in 2003 got others to join the bandwagon.

Not only that, but he's actually done health care reform, successfully, at the state level. He may be the only available top tier Democrat who has done so, and his reform in Vermont has been enormously successful, stood the test of time, and gained broad bipartisan support. More importantly, it has made many people's lives better.

If you want Dean to get to work at the federal level, do this today:

Pass it on, and post something in your own LJ, on your Facebook profile, on other blogs, ...
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Hey to my fellow Deaniacs

One of the things that I always loved about Howard Dean was that he was just so open and honest about who he was. Thus, the current attempt by the McCain campaign to completely manufacture a new reality about his VP Sarah Palin has been driving me crazy. More than that, I've also been deeply frustrated at the corporate media giving them such a pass on all their blatant lies.

So, I've started to put together this site:

Primarily it will be meant to document all the blatant lies being put out about Palin by the McCain campaign, but I also have sections that will discuss truth and lies about McCain and Obama. I want each article to be a decent summary of the facts in each case, with extensive links to as many sources as possible to back up the info.

I know I'd need help to get this fleshed out quickly, though--if anyone is interested, please let me know, because I could use some other people to help with gathering references and writing articles. I remember what drew me into the Dean community in the first place was the "we can do it" attitude everyone had, so I'm hoping I'll find a few people here...
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Dean addresses Canadian Liberals

Canada's Liberal Party invited Howard Dean to speak at their national convention.

He understands framing so well! For example, when he uses part of his speech to reinforce how proud Canada feels (should feel) about being "the conscience of the world".

And I love the part when he's speaking French and then breaks briefly into English to say "won't Fox News hate this."
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Arizona house minority leader, on clean elections

At DemocracyFest, I met some DFA people from Arizona and we talked about Arizona's clean elections law. One of them told me about Phil Lopes, the progressive Democratic house minority leader of Arizona, who was elected as a clean elections candidate and has run for re-election as a clean elections candidate ever since.

I spoke to Phil Lopes this weekend, and his story is now up as a guest blog post on johnbonifaz.com.

Lopes writes,
    "In 2002, clean elections made my [to run for office] decision much easier, because I knew what I had to do: talk to voters. That's much better than having to ask people for money. [...] That's one of the real attractions of it: Once I raised my 220 contributions in June, I never had to ask for money again. All I did from then on, was talk to voters about the issues - knowing that all my opponents had the same resources as I did."

    "... public perception is that those who give money get special attention. That perception will never change. With clean elections you don't have that. And because those lobbyists have not given you money, they have no expectation that they'll get extra attention; that gives me as a legislator an enormous sense of freedom."
He also talks about his passion for health care reform, about how public financing gets candidates to debate and the press to cover it, and about how the public financing system in Arizona works. Read the whole post and spread the link!

If you post on some other blog linking to this or quoting from it, I'd love to see your post. Comment here?

-- Cos, John Bonifaz's campaign blogger -- Why won't Bill Galvin debate?