Cos (cos) wrote in howard_dean,

"Democrat outside looking in"

Hailed abroad, Dean not part of Obama's circle [Boston Globe]

    Harrogate, England - "I could have kissed you," Lynne Featherstone, a member of Britain's Parliament, told Howard Dean after a midday address to the Liberal Democrats' spring conference in which he explained how the Internet could be an effective tool to energize activists and enlist new supporters.

    "We do all look to you as the mother of all this and then to Barack Obama as the child who prospered from it," Featherstone said, introducing Dean to the party technology board she chairs.

    That embrace, which Dean greeted with an impish smirk and a flicker of eyebrows, was far warmer than anything the former Vermont governor has felt recently from his domestic allies. After November's landslide, Obama let Dean move on from his four-year chairmanship of the Democratic National Committee, and bitter rivalries with some in Obama's circle have kept the former practicing doctor out of the three top administration posts committed to changing the healthcare system.

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