Cos (cos) wrote in howard_dean,

Recommend Ned Lamont for the DFA-List

Ned Lamont is running in the Connecticut Democratic primary for US Senate, against Joe Lieberman. If he wins, he'll be the Democratic nominee and almost certainly the next US Senator from CT.

Ned Lamont has applied for DFA's endorsement, and whether he gets it depends partly on local DFA groups in CT, and partly on how many DFA supporters online recommend him through the web site. So read about Ned Lamont. Watch the video Robert Greenwald made for his campaign. See his new TV ads featuring blog star Markos (of dailykos). And recommend him to DFA!

The Connecticut primary is August 8th. I posted about it on my LJ yesterday.
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If Liebermann decides to run as an independent if he doesn't win the primary, that really throws a wrench into the election.
He can't do that. The filing deadline for independent candidates to get on the ballot is before the primary, so he has to choose one or the other. He could run as a write-in in the general, but I think if he loses the primary he won't have a chance as a write-in.
"What our country spends in one year in Iraq could provide a year’s free tuition at the University of Connecticut for every college freshman-aged American and Head Start for every four-year-old. We need to refocus our resources and our attention on the children and young people here."

I like this guy.