Cos (cos) wrote in howard_dean,

paid account for this community

A year ago, around the time of the DNC chair elections, I paid for this community to be a paid account. It's about to expire. Do any of you feel like pitching in this time and renewing the community's paid account?
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What does a community gain by being paid?
I asked that of another community owner, and they mentioned the desire to have a custom layout.

Honestly though, how many people would see it?

I know I personally hate everyone else's layout except my own (clean and boring) one, so I have LJ configured to force everything to look like my layout. ;)
Not a whole lot. We get to post polls, and use an S2 layout, and a few other things. But mainly I think it's a good thing to support LiveJournal, and communities with lots of members should get paid accounts.